Cairncross Waste Facility Management Plans

The Cairncross Waste Management Facility is the primary centre for our regions waste operations, and in addition to the landfill, also includes a Waste Transfer Station, Organics Resource Recovery Facility and Material Recovery Facility.

In November 2019, Council obtained development consent for the expansion of the Cairncross Landfill. This expansion will allow for three more landfill stages and a further 36 years of landfill life for the LGA.

Sub-stages 1A, 1C and 1E completed construction in December 2021 and landfilling in this cell commenced in July 2022. These sub-stages provide approximately 9 more years of landfill life for the Port Macquarie-Hastings LGA. 

Condition C18 of the conditions of consent requires us to make information and documents pertaining to the landfill expansion publicly available on our website.

If you wish to make a submission about this development, or find out more information, contact us on 6581 8111 or email

View landfill reports

Environment Protection Licence(PDF, 162KB)
Cairncross Signed Consent(PDF, 2MB)
Bushfire and Fuel Management Plan (BFFMP)(PDF, 3MB)
Stage 1A, 1C and 1E construction plans(PDF, 60MB)
Cairncross Landfill Expansion - Environmental Impact Statement(ZIP, 84MB)
Cairncross Landfill Expansion - Response to Submissions of EIS(ZIP, 24MB)
Cairncross Leachate Management Plan (Revision 4)(PDF, 4MB)
Cairncross Landfill Environmental Management Plan (Revision 4)(PDF, 2MB)
Cairncross Water Management Plan (Revision 7)(PDF, 4MB)
Cairncross WMF Complaints Register(XLSX, 10KB)
Cairncross Vegetation Management Plan Rev 5(PDF, 4MB)
1270 Cairncross Waste Management Facility IEA Final Report(PDF, 5MB)
Cairncross-Waste-Management-Facility-SSD-5792-Compliance-Report-Final-2021-11-11.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
Independent-Audit-Response-to-Audit-Requirements-19.07.23.pdf(PDF, 661KB)
Cairncross-WMF-Compliance-Report-February-2023.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
Cairncross-WMF-Independent-Environmental-Audit-February-2023.pdf(PDF, 9MB)