Blueprint for Generational Equity


In 2022 we embarked on an innovative journey, in collaboration with our elected Councillors, to create the Blueprint for Generational Equity - a (27) page document which will guide best-practice decision making for our community’s future.

Its development originated out of a necessity to provide a clearer picture of what planning for our community’s future looks like, in line with the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan Imagine2050. 

Central to the Blueprint are four strategic focus areas which have been drawn from all other existing Council strategies and plans. These focus areas are Corporate PlanningMaster PlanningLand Use Planning and InfrastructureEach area sets out immediate key priority actions from existing strategies and plans, to ensure meaningful and relevant outcomes for present and future generations. 

Designed for continuous improvement, the Blueprint will evolve with each Council term. We’ll monitor our performance and capabilities relative to the four strategic objectives. This will ensure that we remain agile and responsive to our community’s needs as we continue on our path to becoming the most liveable, sustainable and innovative place in Australia.

Blueprint Cover.png(PDF, 85MB)