A Message from our Mayor: Community Christmas tree

Published on 05 December 2022

Thank you to our community for attending our Christmas Fair on Friday. The atmosphere on the night was great, and I was so thankful to the hardworking Council staff and contractors who went to great lengths in putting this free festive event on for the enjoyment of everyone.

I personally had a wonderful time and I know many others did too. The restaurants were full, children were smiling, and families were feeling the festive cheer.

Unfortunately, though, in our efforts to deliver something a little different this year by decorating our natural pine tree, the weather worked against us.

At the all-important lighting ceremony on Friday, we all discovered at the same time that a number of lights had moved or failed to turn on as result of the bad weather, and we were sad to see our inflatable baubles had deflated - much like our spirits when the tree was lit.

We’ve read and heard all of your feedback, and we’ve taken it all on board. It was a set-back in an otherwise successful night, and we’re now working hard to provide an alternate solution in the coming days.

Fingers crossed that our original outdoor tree will be installed and working for everyone's enjoyment well before Christmas. 

Again, I am so thankful to the community for coming and celebrating. Merry Christmas to our wonderful, witty and resilient community.

Port Macquarie Hastings Mayor
Peta Pinson


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