Nik Lipovac


Since moving to the area in 2003, Nik has volunteered and participated in the community through charity fundraising, community building and sport. He has worked across several fields including community engagement at Holiday Coast Credit Union. He is best known for his 30-year radio broadcasting career as Nik James, or ‘Niko’.  

He was responsible for coordinating the first 10 years of local charity drive “Give me 5 for Kids” which has raised close to $500,000 for hospital children’s wards across the Mid North Coast. 

Nik’s contribution to business and charities earned him several awards including two Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards, and Hastings Sporting Volunteer of the Year. 

As a councillor, Nik says his goals are centred on getting back to basics when it comes to PMHC’s core responsibilities of upgrading and maintaining roads, footpaths, parks, sports fields, water and sewerage. Future planning and development should also involve protecting our natural amenities. 

In the long term, Nik’s goals are to keep showcasing the local region as a major tourist destination, improve traffic flow at major intersections and create new alternative options. 

He wants to develop the local economy and attract new businesses to the region to create more employment opportunities. Nik would also like to see more affordable housing constructed and a wider variety of housing options. 

He believes in sustainable development to protect the environment for native animals. 

Nik would like to see proposed sporting facilities completed and pedestrian access and safety improved.