Documents tabled at Council meetings

At some Council meetings, specific documents or reports are given to Councillors for consideration or acknowledgement. The official term for this process is: ‘tabling’.

Documents and reports tabled at Council meetings are required to be available to the public to view, unless the document or report was tabled at a meeting that was closed to the public. Documents which have been tabled at past meetings are below:

Meeting date Item # on the Agenda Tabled document Tabled by
 18 August 2022  06.00 Disclosure of Interest returns - Councillors(PDF, 192KB) Mayor Peta Pinson
21 April 2022 11.02 Disclosure of interest returns - Councillors(PDF, 12MB) Mayor Peta Pinson
16 February 2022 09.10 Blueprint Councillor Roberts Talk Notes(PDF, 108KB) Councillor Adam Roberts
6 September 2021 09.01 OLG Circular 21-24 Item 09.01(PDF, 83KB) Creation of Office of Deputy Mayor 
16 June 2021 12.07 Concept Design for the Port Macquarie Police Station Precinct(PDF, 12MB) Director of Development and Environment
19 May 2021 10.05 Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility(PDF, 6MB) Director of Development and Environment
3 May 2021 05.01 Notice of Motion - 2021 Ironman Event(PDF, 25KB) Mayor Pinson on behalf of Club North Haven
3 May 2021 05.01 Notice of Motion - 2021 Ironman Event(PDF, 42KB) Mayor Pinson on behalf of Laurieton United Service Club
21 April 2021 06.02 Petition - King Creek Road and Oxley Highway Intersection(PDF, 34MB) Mayor Pinson
17 March 2021 11.03 Bain Park Master Plan - Post Public Exhibition Community Engagement(PDF, 6MB)  
17 March 2021 10.09 Climate Emergency Declaration Considerations(PDF, 58KB)  
23 September 2020 13.04 Settlement Shores Canals - Maintenance and Dredging(PDF, 592KB) Mayor Pinson
12 August 2020 10.10 Investment Policy Review - Post Exhibition(PDF, 447KB) Councillor Alley
15 July 2020 13.01 Kenwood Drive Bridge Lake Cathie(PDF, 411KB) Mayor Pinson
3 June 2020 06.01 Local Government Elections(PDF, 177KB) Mayor Pinson
3 June 2020 06.01 Local Government Elections(PDF, 66KB) Councillor Turner
15 April 2020 10.03 Relief Measures for the Impacts of COVID-10(PDF, 213KB) General Manager