Beach to Beach Riverwalk Footpath

Beach to Beach Riverwalk Footpath

The Beach to Beach Riverwalk Footpath is a community-driven project for an 11km continuous shared pathway between North Haven breakwall and Pilot Beach in the Camden Haven.

We have been working in partnership with the Beach to Beach Pathway Committee and their volunteers to develop a shared pathway that is accessible for all abilities, provides an easy and safe way to get around, integrates with the environment, and links North Haven, Laurieton and Dunbogan.

The first sections of the pathway were constructed in 2003 on the Laurieton side of the Camden Haven Inlet. The remaining sections of the pathway are being developed, however, a number of these intersect sensitive environmental areas.

Designs for the remaining section of the pathway have been developed. The DA and EIS were submitted to the Northern Regional Planning Panel in October 2021 and have now been approved. We will now move into the next stage of tendering, funding and delivering construction of the remaining sections. Section D3 has been funded in the Operational Plan for construction in 2022/23. 

Project scoping

In May 2020, we engaged Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) to design the remaining sections of the pathway and prepare the EIS required for construction. From 19 November to 22 December 2020, we shared the concept designs for the remaining pathway sections with the community for feedback.

As the project progressed we have undertaken additional flora and fauna surveys and engineering investigations to ensure that we can fully identify the impact of the project to the environment and ensure that we put in place measures to minimise these impacts.

From there, with consideration of community feedback, detailed designs and the EIS were developed and a DA submitted to Council and the Northern Regional Planning Panel for assessment and determination. An engagement report has been prepared which includes comments from PMHC and KBR in response to submissions. For further details on both previous and future consultation and to view the engagement report and accompanying documents visit Have Your Say.

Upcoming stages

The next steps and dates in the Beach to Beach project include:

Activity Timeframe  Status
Draft environmental studies and completing additional fauna site surveys  July 2021 Completed
Finalise detailed design for all sections and completion of Environmental Reports August - September 2021 Completed
Submission of DA for Northern Regional Planning Panel (NRPP) assessment and determination. Opportunity for community feedback October 2021 Completed
Expected DA determination announcement from NRPP  June - July 2022 Completed
DA and EIS approved July 2022 Completed
Tendering and construction of section D3 2022/23 Upcoming
Additional funding and construction commencement of remaining pathways 2022/23 onwards Upcoming