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Water meters

Water meters record the water used by a property. If you are connected to Council's town water supply you must have a water meter.

To have a water meter installed at your property, you will need to complete a Water Meter Application and return it to Council via email to council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or post to PO Box 84, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

Meter replacement

If you believe your water meter is not accurately recording water use, you can request Council test the accuracy, however fees may apply. Please refer to Council's Fees & Charges for associated costs

Council actively monitors the accuracy of water meters, and will replace inaccurate or faulty meters.  Council will replace the meter at no cost if the meter:

  • is found to be defective
  • can no longer be reasonably maintained; or
  • is replaced as part of a meter replacement program.

Council will attempt to notify the owner at the time of replacement and advise that a new meter has been installed. A mutually acceptable time will be negotiated with commercial customers for the replacement of meters.

Meter security

Water meters connected to Council’s town water supply can be enclosed in a durable box and fitted with a lock and key, approved by Council.  The owner must provide a key to Council immediately after the meter or box is installed. If the property owner wishes to have a lockable meter valve installed, Council will carry out this work, however fees may apply.

Meter relocation

If you would like to relocate your water meter, you may request a quote from Council to carry out this work at the meter owner's cost.

Multiple meters

All strata units and multiple occupancy properties on single lots must have individual water meters. Council will assist owners whose water service connection does not comply with this requirement, by installing a complying connection at the owner’s cost.

For more information, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (02) 6581 8111 or email council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au

This page was last updated on: 18 June 2020