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Water Efficient Gardening Book

Environmental Sustainability Water Conservation Gardening

The Port Macquarie-Hastings area includes diverse residential environments: villages nestled in the valleys and foothills of the local mountains; settlements clustered along the coastal fringe and estuaries; communities established by rivers, canals, lakes, creeks and floodplains; and bustling urban centres. No matter where we live, gardening at home is a passion for many of us.

Our lovely area is known for its mild climate. However, we can also experience extended dry periods, particularly through winter. During long, dry spells, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council implements water restrictions to ensure sufficient water levels remain in our dams for ongoing water supply.

Community support to help conserve our scarce water resources is critical.

Water efficient gardening is a way for us to enjoy gardening while placing less pressure on our water resources. Practicing water efficient gardening will help our gardens to cope with extended dry periods and water restrictions, as well as helping us reduce our water bills.

The  Water Efficient Gardening Book955KB pdf(PDF, 955KB) provides practical tips and advice on how and what to plant and how to maintain water efficient gardens and vegetable plots

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