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Water Availability and Usage Service Charges

Water Availability Service Charges

If your property is connected to Council's Water Service an annual availability charge will be levied based on the size of meter.

Your bill = access charge + usage charge. 

The following charges are applicable for the 2021 - 2022 rating period.

Water Meter

 Access Charge

20mm Water Meter

 $171.00 per service

25mm Water Meter

 $272.00 per service

32mm Water Meter

 $453.00 per service

40mm Water Meter

 $714.00 per service

50mm Water Meter

 $1,124.00 per service

80mm Water Meter

$2889.00 per service

100mm Water Meter

$4,517.00 per service

150mm Water Meter

$10,185.00 per service

200mm Water Meter

$18,110.00 per service

Strata Units (not individually metered)

$171.00 per service

Unconnected properties that are not connected but have the service available are also levied an annual availability charge of $171.00.

Properties that are non-rateable under Section 555 of the Local Government Act are exempted from the payments of annual water availability service charges.

Water Usage Charge

All water consumption is also charged for based on the following tariffs:

Water Consumption Tier  Cost per kL

Water consumption tier 1    

$3.45 per kilolitre

Water consumption tier 2

$6.90 per kilolitre

The usage charge increases when yearly consumption exceeds the set level. For example: The usage threshold for a 20mm service is 270kL. For every kilolitre up to 270kL you will be charged the first tier. For every kilolitre used over 270kL, you will be charged at the tier 2 rate. 

Water Usage Tracker

The Water Usage Tracker is an easy way for residents to monitor how much water they are using in each quarter and whether or not they need to improve water efficiency practices to avoid paying the higher rate per kilolitre. The Water Usage Tracker is located on the back of your water rates notice. The graph format illustrates how much water a household has used in each quarter. Predictors indicate whether current consumption rates are likely to exceed the 270kL/yr threshold and result in higher charges.  


This page was last updated on: 30 June 2021