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Recycled water supply to Thrumster residents

New residences at Thrumster are part of the Recycled Water Scheme, and have been built with a dual plumbing system allowing for use of recycled water once it becomes available. The Recycled Water Treatment Plant is operational and producing recycled water, however we are still building the pipeline that is required to transfer the recycled water from the plant to the Thrumster area.

Recycled water is not currently supplied to the Thrumster area.

Currently the residents at Thrumster are supplied with drinking water from both of their meters - which means both pipes (drinking water pipe and the purple recycled water pipe) is being supplied with potable water (drinking water).


Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the recycled water supply to Thrumster residents. 

Am I connected to the recycled water system?

If you have a purple (lilac) coloured water meter at the front of your property, next to your town water meter, and you can see purple pipes and taps around your house then you have a connection to Councils future recycled water supply.

Which taps in my house are connected to the recycled water system?

Recycled water should only be connected to your toilet cisterns, the cold water tap to your washing machine and outdoor taps.

Is recycled water available?

Not yet. Currently, both drinking water and recycled water pipes are connected to the town drinking water supply. Council is currently building the infrastructure required to deliver recycled water to Thrumster, including a recycled water main and storage reservoir, which will provide a secure supply for residents.

When will recycled water be available?

The scheme is still under construction and is scheduled to be operational by mid-2021.

How will I be charged for my recycled water usage?

The price of recycled water for residential properties is yet to be determined by Council. During the interim period until a decision is made and recycled water become available, residents will be charged for their usage of potable water as per Council’s schedule of fees and charges.

Is recycled water unlimited?

No - the production and supply of water is limited to the capacity of Council’s recycled water treatment plant.  The current out-put capacity of the plant is approximately 1.7 mega litres per day.  Due to the high demand of recycled water during times of drought and associated water restrictions, Council is currently working on a usage control plan to ensure all customers connected to recycled water have an uninterrupted flow.  More information on this control plan will be provide in the near future.

Once recycled water is available to residents, where can it be used?

Recycled water is highly treated water that is free from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. You can use this water for:

  • Use in your laundry
  • Watering gardens and lawns
  • Car and boat washing
  • Washing and feeding your pet
  • Toilet flushing.

However, recycled water is not approved for drinking purposes. You should not use recycled water for:

  • Cooking and drinking
  • Washing dishes
  • Bathing and showering
  • Filling pools and spas.

Your house plumbing will only deliver recycled water from your recycled water meter to the appropriate taps. If you suspect you have incorrect plumbing, please call Council for advice.

How will I know when recycled water is available through my taps?

Council will provide information through media and mail drop to inform all residents of the date that recycled water supply will commence. Also, Council’s plumbers will visit your property before commencement to ensure correct connection and plumbing at your property. Council will also provide information to residents on the safe use of recycled water.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us on 6581 8111, email council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or simply drop into our offices in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Laurieton. 


This page was last updated on: 02 December 2020