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Take the 4 minute Song Wash Challenge

Did you know the average Australian spends around 7 minutes in the shower? By showering once a day at the recommended 4 minute or under mark, you’ll be saving, on average, 24 litres a day! 

Join the 4 minute Song Wash Challenge, and see how easy it is to become a water saving legend! 

  • Before Water Week starts, time your normal shower.
  • Follow the Song Wash Challenge playlist (or Kids playlist) below,
  • Choose one 4 minute song for your daily shower. Don’t have Spotify? Build your own playlist on your preferred audio platform.
  • At the end of the week, calculate just how many minutes of water you’ve saved!

   One dog image for Spotify playlist       One dog image for kids spotify playlist

For every minute you reduce your shower length, you’ll have saved an average of 9 litres per day (if using a low-flow showerhead) or up to a whopping 20L per minute (for an old-school high-flow shower head).

Celebrate your water legend status on social media, using #SongWashChallenge and tag us on Facebook @pmhc2444 or Instagram @connectpmh. Challenge a mate or family member to do the same by tagging them in too.  

Got your shorter showers habit down pat? Discover if you're a Water Saving Legend and take the quiz.  



This page was last updated on: 20 October 2020