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Level 3 Water Restrictions Header

Level 3 'Very High' Water Restrictions are now in place in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region. These water restrictions apply to both residential and commercial water users.

While the combined water levels in our two storage dams has risen to 48% (view the dam levels here), we need to continue to manage our overall demand, and extend our limited water storage levels. Level 3 'Very High' Water Restrictions will be in place until we replenish our water storage dams to 60% total combined storage.

To find out how these restrictions affect you as a residential or commercial user, click the buttons below. 


Our region has been in intense drought, and while we've received much-welcomed rainfall recently, there's still an uncertain rainfall outlook ahead, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. While conditions permit, we'll continue to pump from the Hastings River to increase our water storage levels. 

And, we also need to continue to reconsider how we use water every day, to reduce our use.

How will the water restrictions affect me? 

Whether you are a resident, business or commercial user, you will be restricted on how you use water around your home, in public or at work.

What's the difference between a business and commercial user? 

A commercial user is a registered business that relies on the use of water as part of their business activities to produce an income. For businesses who do not rely on water to produce an income, residential water restrictions apply. 

More information on how you can and can't use water, answers to frequently asked questions, exemptions from restrictions and water saving tips can be found in the related information section to the right. 

This page was last updated on: 03 April 2020