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 At the November 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to implement Level 3 "very high" water restrictions starting Monday 25 November 2019 until further notice.

With our region experiencing intense drought conditions, limited rain falling in the catchment area and low river flows, Council have been able to pump only limited water from the Hastings River to transfer into the two storage dams.

Water restriction levels are determined based on an assessment of daily customer demand and the storage volume available in our dams. Other considerations include predicted weather forecasts, and the flow and quality of water in the Hastings River.

What does this mean for you?

Level 3 water restrictions mean the following for residential use

If your house is an even number you can water on even dates (the 2nd, 4th, 6th etc.) and if your house is an odd number, you can water on odd dates (the 1st, 3rd, 5th etc). There is no residential outside water use on the 31st day of the month.

Handheld hoses, fitted with a water cut-off trigger or control nozzle can be used for up to a total of 10 minutes before 9am OR after 4pm on the allotted day for:

  • Watering gardens and lawns (including new turf) ; or
  • Cleaning out garbage bins on a grass or gravel area; or
  • Topping up of pools or spas; or
  • Washing car or boat on a grass or gravel area. Boat motor flushing is permitted for 5 minutes only on day of use.

The following activities are BANNED for water use:

  • Using fixed hoses, water sprinklers, micro-sprays and drip irrigation systems; and
  • Cleaning windows, walls, roofs and gutters; and
  • Cleaning driveways, paths and hardstand areas (unless for health and safety reasons only); and
  • Filling or topping up temporary inflatable or portable pools

Watering cans and buckets filled with suitable grey water (i.e. shower or sink) or rainwater can be used at any time. Use of potable water in watering cans and buckets can be used during your allotted time only.

For more detailed information about how water restrictions affect you, including commercial and industrial use please refer to our  Frequently Asked Questions166KB pdf(PDF, 166KB)

Every drop counts

Water Conservation Measures are encouraged at all times to help maintain water storage volumes. Please refer to Water Saving Tips for ways you can help conserve this important resource.

If you wish to view further information on Port Macquarie-Hastings water supply, please refer to  Council's 2015 Water Supply Policy9MB pdf(PDF, 9MB) which was amended on 4 December 2018.



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