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Dam levels and water demand

Last updated Wednesday 17 October 2018

Dam levels shown below are generally updated on a weekly basis:

Port Macquarie Dam
max storage 2,500 megalitres
Cowarra Dam
max storage 10,000 megalitres
Total Combined
Storage level
66.8% 99.4% 92.8%

Total Storage Level = the combined level of Port Macquarie and Cowarra Dams, expressed as a percentage (%).

Historic Dam Levels (in %) 

Update as at 17 October 2018: 

Port Macquarie Dam levels have been falling recently due to the inlet main being out of service for road realignment works by RMS at Spencers Cutting, Wauchope. The original inlet main location conflicted with the new Oxley Highway alignment at Spencers Cutting, and as such is being moved to facilitate the road works. It was planned that the inlet main would be offline for some time, however progress has most recently been affected by weather delays. It is anticipated the main will be returned to service by 27 October 2018, whereby pumping into Port Macquarie Dam will recommence.

Water Demand

In 2015/16 the average annual residential consumption of water was 157kl per property per annum.  This is a 3% decrease from 2014/15 figures. Residential consumption makes up 76% of total water consumption in the Hastings.

Further changes that continue to reduce the Hastings annual water consumption include increased awareness and implementation of water conservation measures, retrofitting existing houses with water efficient products, new BASIX houses and dual reticulation.


This page was last updated on: 17 October 2018