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Waste vouchers

There are some household items that can be taken to a waste facility and dropped off for free, without the need for a waste voucher or having to pay.  

Every resident who pays rates to Council for a full domestic waste service collection receives two (2) free waste vouchers each year.  These are sent out with your annual rates notice in July. You can use these vouchers to drop off items to Council's waste facilities at no charge. 

If you receive your rates notice electronically print out the letter that includes your waste vouchers attached to your email and keep them in a safe place.

Each voucher has a unique ID number so multiple copies will not be accepted.

Waste vouchers can be used to dispose of waste, green waste and any household junk materials at Council transfer stations and waste facilities.

Terms and Conditions:

One Waste Voucher is equivalent to one drop off, consisting of:

  • General and/or green waste contained within a passenger van, utility, station-wagon or sedan; or
  • General and/or green waste contained within a small trailer up to 8ft x 5ft in size (with no side extensions); or
  • One mattress or base; or
  • Four car/motorcycle tyres; or
  • Two light truck/4WD tyres; or
  • One heavy truck tyre*.

*Heavy truck tyres on rims, super single tyres, tractor tyres or other earthmoving tyres are excluded.

Any amount larger than described above will incur a fee. The determination of the size of the load is at the discretion of the Waste Facility Site Attendant.

When transporting loads to a waste facility all loads must be covered and secured.

Note: Green waste, recyclables, scrap metal, white goods and e-waste must be separated from other waste at the transfer station for recycling, as directed by the transfer station attendant.

This page was last updated on: 07 July 2020