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Materials Recovery Facility & Organic Resource Recovery Facility

Waste - Cairncross Organics recovery

Materials Recovery Facility

After kerbside collection, the materials in our yellow recycling bins are transported to the Materials Recovery Facility at Cairncross. Here the co-mingled recyclables are sorted by hand and automatic sorting machines into different material types. Once sorted, the materials are then baled separately and transported to processing plants that manufacture the material into new products.

Organic Resource Recovery Facility

The Organic Resource Recovery Facility at Cairncross was established in 2001 to process organic waste into high quality compost. It annually processes almost 30,000 tonnes of organic material each year into rich, nutrient filled compost. Material from your green food and garden organics bin is transported to the ORRF, where it is mulched with other bulk green organics. This is shredded and mixed with bio-solids from Council’s Sewage Treatment Plant. It is then placed in climate controlled tunnels to hasten the decomposition process. Air is forced into the material at the base of the tunnel and recycled water is added via sprays at the top of the tunnel. All exhaust air from the composting tunnels is passed through a bio-filter to remove odours and particulates. The compost is removed after about four weeks and placed in the open air to dry out.

Please note: Some packaging materials may say that they are biodegradable or compostable and can be added to your organics green bin. Whether these products can be processed within our region depends on the capabilities of our Organic Resource Recovery Facility and the time taken to process organic materials. Please enquire with Council before adding any packaging materials to your green organics bin.

Compost Services

Contact Remondis on 02 6585 0899 or email compost@remondis.com.au for more information about Compost Sales from Cairncross.

Compost is available in small domestic quantities to large commercial volumes, and in a range of sizes for mixing with soils or using as mulch.

The benefits and uses of compost include:

  • Water retention and absorption
  • Long term increases in soil nutrition and structure
  • Herbs, flowers, orchards, viniculture
  • Landscaping and site rehabilitation
  • Pasture improvement
  • Top dressing and turf enhancement
  • Broad acre cropping, intensive agriculture
  • Erosion and salinity control

Did you know?

  • Organic material that you may not place in your home compost bin or worm farm (such as citrus, onions, bread or bones) can be placed in your green food and garden bin to be composted at the ORRF at Cairncross.

This page was last updated on: 20 October 2020