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Changes to commercial waste disposal

Wauchope Waste Transfer Station

In 2017, Council introduced a Waste Management Strategy to manage waste and resource recovery. A key aspect of this strategy is the provision of one large landfill site located away from urban development and fed by smaller Domestic Waste Transfer Stations (DWTS).

Our DWTS were built for domestic use, to provide residents with recycling and disposal facilities. Recycled waste is transported to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for processing and general waste is collected and sent to our large landfill site at Cairncross.

With more waste now being generated, space to safely stockpile commercial waste is limited, and the cost of managing and transporting this waste to Cairncross has increased considerably.

Waste disposal at DWTS is subsidised by residents through their rates, and commercial contractors using these services have not traditionally paid for the actual cost of transport and disposal.

From 1 July 2018, large commercial contractors will be required to dispose of their commercial waste at the Cairncross Waste Management Facility (CWMF).

Large commercial contractors will be charged to dispose of their waste based on weight using the Cairncross weighbridge. The current cost is $226 per tonne for general waste and $62 per tonne for green waste. There has been no change to these costs.

Residents will continue to drop off at DWTS in Port Macquarie (Kingfisher), Wauchope, Kew or Comboyne. Small commercial contractors can still access the DWTS, however a commercial fee of $75 for general waste and $24 for green waste will be introduced to cover the true cost of disposal.

For more information, contractor classification guidelines download the  Fact Sheet414KB pdf(PDF, 414KB).

This page was last updated on: 20 September 2018