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Cairncross Waste Management Facility

Cairncross MRF & ORRF



Flood emergency update 

If possible, please separate waste as best you can into the following streams, to minimise waste to landfill: 

  • Green waste
  • White goods
  • Scrap Metal
  • E-Waste such as computers and TV’s
  • Bulky goods
  • Household chemicals
  • Buildings, especially those built before 1987, may contain asbestos. Asbestos should be kept separate for specialist collection.

 Responding to COVID-19

To minimise the risk to customers and staff, customers are encouraged to use credit cards/EFTPOS.  Wherever possible, practise social distancing and good hygiene at our waste facilities, including bringing your own brooms and/or wear gloves when unloading waste for your own and our staff protection.


351 Telegraph Point Road, Pembrooke


Ph: 02 6585 0738

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 7am – 4pm
Saturday: 8am – 4pm   

Public Holidays: 8am – 4pm
Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day


Recycled Crushed Concrete

Council is now selling recycled crushed concrete aggregate to the public.

Supply and cost is subject to availability, please contact staff at Cairncross Waste Management Facility on 6585 0738 to confirm.  Test results are available on request.   The table below provides information about the availability of each type of crushed concrete at the Cairncross waste facility

Recycled Crushed Concrete Aggregate Availability
80mm Currently available
40mm minus Currently available

If you are delivering waste or recycling, please be aware that you must weigh out at the weighbridge prior to purchasing the recycled crushed concrete aggregate.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product is available at the link below. 

 Safety-Data-Sheet-Crushed-Concrete-and-Bricks-V1.pdf142KB pdf(PDF, 142KB)

The above product complies with, and can only be used for, activities outlined in The recovered aggregate exemption 2014.

Note: Waste concrete is crushed to produce the two category types split by screening. There is a high variability of size in each product screen, with undersize and oversize in each product type. Customers are welcome to inspect and/or arrange a sample to check for suitability of purpose.

Fees and Charges:

Cairncross uses a weighbridge to determine the weight of waste loads. If you need more information please contact us on 02 6585 0738. 

Asbestos is accepted at this facility – a minimum 24 hours notice is required. 

 Asbestos-Disposal-requirements-for-Cairncross-Waste-Management-Facility.pdf356KB pdf(PDF, 356KB)

Please note that asbestos is not accepted on Weekends or public holidays.

Cash, Card and Cheque accepted at this facility.

Cairncross Waste Facility Site Map

Cairncross Landfill Expansion

The landfill was established in 2000 and accepts all of the waste from our local government area (LGA). 

In November 2019, Council obtained development consent for the expansion of the Cairncross Landfill. This expansion will allow for three more landfill stages and a further 36 years of landfill life for the LGA. Sub-stages 1A, 1C and 1E will begin construction early in 2021 providing approximately 9 more years of landfill life for the Port Macquarie-Hastings LGA. 




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