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We have pulled together some fun puzzles for you including colouring in pages,
find-a-words, crossword puzzles and word unscamble. Have fun!

Puzzle 1

Download  our colouring in pages and help the Hastings Family fight waste

 Dont-Be-Dumper_320.jpg309KB pdf(PDF, 309KB)  Green-bin-320.jpg1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)  hastings_image_02_320.png2MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)  Hastings-Family-320.jpg288KB pdf(PDF, 288KB)  Hastings-Family-Waste-Avoidance-320.jpg4MB pdf(PDF, 4MB)  Illegal-Dumping-website-320.jpg624KB pdf(PDF, 624KB)  Litter-320.jpg216KB pdf(PDF, 216KB)  Team-Hastings-320.jpg1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)


Puzzle 2

Complete our crossword below or  download432KB pdf(PDF, 432KB) to find out how much you know (or don't!) about waste management

Puzzle 3

Which Bin? Use the green and yellow first so your red bin won't burst! Can you  find these words437KB pdf(PDF, 437KB) related to bins and waste?

Puzzle 4

Litter on our streets often ends up in our waterways. Put your litter in the bin or take it home with you. Can you  find these litter words437KB pdf(PDF, 437KB)?

Puzzle 5

Avoiding Waste - reduce, reuse and recycle and avoid unnecessary packaging. Can you  find these recycling words434KB pdf(PDF, 434KB)?

Puzzle 6

Can you unscramble these waste words? Play online or  download417KB pdf(PDF, 417KB) to complete at home.

Hastings family
Single use
Beeswax wrap
Green bin
Avoid waste

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