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waste education class september 2018

We have pulled together some fun puzzles for you including colouring in pages, find-a-words, crossword puzzles and word unscamble. Have fun!

Council recognises that education is a key component of any waste and resource recovery project, to drive behavioural change and build community knowledge. Council has been working with schools for over 15 years in this area.

During 2019, Council partnered with Impact Environmental Education to develop and deliver waste and sustainability education modules specifically tailored to the Port Macquarie-Hastings community. These modules educate and empower teachers and students in primary schools to take action regarding the amount of litter in our environment, the amount of waste they consume and to educate others in correct waste management practices.

From 20 schools across the region, almost 3,200 primary school students and 140 teaching staff took part in environmental education workshops conducted by Impact Environmental Education's trained teachers. These workshops raise awareness of:

  • the impacts on litter and illegal dumping;
  • local waste management and processing facilities;
  • issues involving waste recycling and disposal; and
  • the need to reduce waste and optimize the use of the local collection systems.

Learning modules include:

Simply Sustainability

This new module helps students understand what ‘sustainability’ means and how they can become more sustainable in their own actions every day. The module helps students think about how important it is to use the resources they need carefully so there’s ‘enough for everyone’. Students work through practical ways they can be sustainable at home, discovering simple solutions for saving resources and creating less waste. Simply Sustainability also showcases Indigenous perspectives on sustainability and encourages students to become custodians of the land.

Better Not Litter

Drama and problem solving activities are used to tackle the issues of littering and illegal dumping. Even in times of improved environmental awareness, these problems still occur, spoiling our places and impacting ecosystems. By understanding littering and dumping behaviours and being empowered by the knowledge of correct waste disposal, students are able to protect their environment and to encourage others to do likewise.

Everything Organic

Students explore natural systems and human systems, and our role within these. Using creative and systems thinking activities, students discover interactions between humans and other living organisms, with a particular focus on organic waste recycling. They learn what happens to organic waste we generate, and also workshop ways they and their families can reduce their environmental impact.

All Packaged Out

Students discover the function and abundance of packaging in our lives, and learn about how much of this packaging ends up in our local landfill. By identifying the types of packaging their homes and schools generate, students then explore ways to reduce the packaging they consume, lessening their waste to landfill and their impact on our precious local environment.

A Look Beyond Your Bin

What happens to our waste after we put it in the bin? Why is it so important to separate waste, and which waste items are we better off avoiding in the first place? During this workshop, students learn the answers to these questions with fun activities to identify how they can reduce waste and recycle more. 

If you are an education facility and would like more information about this project or to register your interest, please contact Council on 6581 8111 or email council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au

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