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WasteInfo App


Get the app that gets waste sorted. It's free!

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s new WasteInfo App helps you keep track of your bin collection days, make the most of Council’s waste services and sort your waste more effectively.

The free app is available to download onto iOS  and Android devices.


  • Personalised bin collection calendar for Port Macquarie-Hastings residents, with optional reminders
  • Quick guide to your three bin system and your kitchen bin
  • A-Z list of materials and images with colour-coded guide showing which bin to put them in
  • Further information, hints and tips to help with waste management
  • Information about Council’s services and waste facilities, including contact details, opening times and maps
  • ‘Report a problem’ form allowing you to send feedback direct to Council
  • Optional notifications to ensure your App is up to date with the latest waste information from Council

Download the Free App

 Download the Port Macquarie-Hastings WasteInfo App for free through:

Contribute to App Updates

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is keen to hear from you if you have suggestions to help us improve the WasteInfo App. In particular, if there are items you would like to see included in the A-Z materials guide please submit your details below. We also welcome any hints and tips to help other residents reduce rubbish, sort waste and recycle more. Submissions received will be considered for inclusion in the next round of App updates.

Submissions for WasteInfo App updates

    More Information

    Residents without access to a compatible smartphone or tablet can continue to access the bin collection calendar and find out how to reduce rubbish and sort waste effectively  on Council’s website.

    At this time the app is only available on iOS and Android platforms.

    Port Macquarie-Hastings Council developed the WasteInfo App as a quick and convenient tool to help residents manage their waste. Council is committed to reducing rubbish to landfill, increasing resource recovery through recycling and composting, and keeping community costs down. We can all make a big difference by making small changes at home.

    This page was last updated on: 11 September 2018