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Tips for fresher bins

  • Download the  Tips for Fresher Bins1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB) fact sheet for ideas on how to reduce odours and pests. 
  • By placing all food waste in the green bin, which is collected weekly, you will reduce odour concerns because it is generally food waste that decomposes and causes odours
  • Keep lids shut and bins out of direct sunlight if possible
  • Keep bins clean, bi-carb soda can help
  • Tightly wrap, bag or double-bag nappies, sanitary waste and pet waste
  • There are products available such as odour neutralising nappy bags and bin deodorisers that can help
  • Use the free compostable bags from Council for your food waste.  Try layering food waste with lawn and garden clippings in your green bin.

Fact Sheets to download

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as a part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less Recycle, More initiative, funded by the waste levy.

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This page was last updated on: 12 September 2018