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Join the Red Bin Challenge

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By taking the Red Bin Challenge, together we can send less to landfill.

Over 6 weeks at the end of 2019, 178 households registered to take the Red Bin Challenge. Together, their pledges would save the equivalent of 57 bins of waste per fortnight from landfill. Remaining true to their pledge, that’s a total of 1482 bins of waste kept out of landfill over 12 months.

 Taking the Challenge is easy.

 Your household targets reducing the amount of waste in the red bin by following these 4 simple steps:

  1. Avoid unnecessary packaging and use reusable items where possible
  2. Put all food scraps (including meat and bones) in the green bin
  3. Recycle soft plastics in the REDcycle bin at Coles or Woolworths supermarkets
  4. Recycle right - put all plastic containers number 1 - 7, cardboard, paper, glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel cans in the yellow bin

Take the Red Bin Challenge at your place and send less to landfill.

 Please complete the form below to receive your Red Bin Challenge sticker to place on your red bin to keep you on track.

 Then watch the video Red Bin Challenge so you know exactly where to put the sticker on your red bin.


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