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Bin fees

Residential Waste Management charges

Council must levy a separate charge for residential waste management services. The cost of these services cannot be financed from ordinary rates and the charge must be sufficient to recover the reasonable costs of providing the services.

Residential waste management charges include garbage, green waste and recycling services.

Residential waste management charges are exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST), under Division 81, determination entitled A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) (Exempt Taxes, Fees and Charges).  All other waste management services are subject to GST. 

Business Waste Management - new changes

The Australian Tax Office issued a class ruling (CR 2015/67) in August 2014 on the GST treatment of Waste Management Services by Councils. The effect of this is to make all supplies of Waste Management Services which are business related NOT subject to GST.

This means that waste management for all business properties within the Port Macquarie-Hastings area will no longer be charged on a Debtors invoice. It will instead be included on your Rates and Charges Notice.


Exemptions for charities and not-for-profit groups

An exemption from waste levy may be claimed for charities and not-for-profit groups. The waste must be associated with a community service that benefits the NSW community or environment. It must not be waste produced by commercial activities or by general use of the organisation. There are specific requirements which are outlined on the EPA website outlining eligibility for exemption. An application form must be filled out by the organisation and sent to the EPA. The waste must be transported by the organisation to the Cairncross Waste Facility for disposal.

2021/2022 Waste Management Charges are as follows:

Waste Management Service

Residential Charges

Business Charges 

Minimiser Service - 140 litre (fortnightly) general waste*

$428.00 per service


Standard Service - 240 litre (fortnightly) general waste*

$488.00 per service

Excess - 240 litre (weekly) general waste*

$721.00 per service

$709.00 per service

Commercial Weekly - 140 litre (weekly)  n/a

$594.00 per service

Shared Minimiser Standard Service - 240 Litre Fortnightly (provided at a rate of one receptacle every two units or part thereof) $239.00.00 per annum (Multi-unit dwellings only)


Shared Standard Service - 240 Litre Weekly  (provided at a rate of one receptacle every two units or part thereof)

$268.00.00 per annum (Multi unit dwellings only)


Shared Commercial - 140 litre (weekly) n/a $322.00 per annum 

Shared Commercial Excess - 240 litre (weekly)

n/a  $380.00 per annum 

Additional Recycling charge

$76.00 per annum

$76.00 per annum

Additional Weekly Organics charge

$98.00 per annum

$98.00 per annum

Additional Weekly Garbage - 240 Litre

$373.00 per annum

$372.00 per annum

Additional Weekly Garbage - 140 Litre 

$283.00.00 per annum (Multi unit dwellings only)


$283.00 per annum 

Waste Management Access charge

$31.00 per annum

$31.00 per annum (excl GST)

Minimum Waste Charge - Single Dwelling

$428.00 per annum  

Change over of service charge / bin size adjustment fee / replacement of stolen bin

$59.00 per bin change  $59.00 per bin change

 Availability charge on land not subject to full charge

 $143.00 per annum (Multi unit dwellings only)  $79.00 per annum
 Availability charge on vacant land  $79.00 per annum  $79.00 per annum

*Residential properties must have one of these base services before additional bins can be provided.



This page was last updated on: 27 July 2021