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Storm and Disaster Clean Up

Flood Debris

During significant Storm or Disaster events, the NSW government often declares an emergency and through this process the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will issue a Natural Disaster Exemption from Section 88 (i.e. waste levy).

These exemptions are issued for significant flood, bush fire or other natural emergencies. The exemptions apply to all waste sent to landfill and effectively remove the waste levy. The Natural Disaster Exemption specifies where the exemption applies (eg. Caincross landfill) and the period. It is at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s discretion if the other waste fees are applied.

Historically, Council has waived disposal fees for general waste and green waste, which has allowed residents to dispose of Storm and Disaster waste without a charge for a short time.

Council will notify the community if it believes a significant Storm and/or Disaster event has occurred and that waste disposal fees have been waived.

Clean up of affected areas will be prioritised with critical areas (eg. roadways) completed first before low priority areas. Low priority areas maybe completed progressively over a period of time.

This page was last updated on: 05 April 2019