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Save Our Recycling Campaign


Did you know?

 In 2016/17, the NSW Government collected $726 million from local government, community, businesses and industry via the waste levy, but only committed to use $72 million on waste avoidance and recycling in 2017-18.

This amount – roughly 10 per cent of the total levy collection – will be spent on the NSW Government’s Waste Less Recycle More program.

The program allocates $801 million over 8 years to waste and recycling, compared to a total of more than $4.62 billion collected over the same period.

At a local government level, just 18% of the $300 million collected annually from local government was returned to councils to reinvest in recycling and waste management.

The reinvestment of the waste levy to support waste and resource recovery infrastructure, develop markets and innovative solutions, and undertake other initiatives to encourage reuse and recycling offers wide-ranging benefits to our community, and others like ours right across NSW.

There is the potential for economic growth, new infrastructure, new technology and new jobs, particularly in our regional areas.

To learn more and pledge your support to reinvest waste levy funds that will help manage all of our recycling in NSW, visit saveourrecycling.com.au


This page was last updated on: 14 May 2019