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REDcycle soft plastic recycling

soft plastic

Almost 4 billion plastic bags are used by Australians every year and the majority of these end up in landfill or clogging up our beaches and waterways. And this does not even include other plastics such as product wrap, cellophane bags, cling film, bubble wrap and other plastics used and discarded every day.

We can all try to avoid or reduce unnecessary packaging and single use plastics. If this is not possible the REDcycle recycling program helps divert soft, flexible plastics from landfill by turning them into a material that can be used to manufacture new products from fitness circuits to outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.

The REDcycle collection bins are available at most supermarkets - you can find your nearest drop off point using the store locator - and accepts any soft plastic that can be scrunched into a ball. This includes food wrappers, plastic bags, foil-like plastic chip packets, cereal box liners, produce bags and snap lock bags. For a full list click on what to recycle.

This page was last updated on: 24 September 2018