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Bin collection days


To determine your bin collection day and week, please download the WasteInfo App or follow the steps below that refer you to the waste collection pick up areas and the weekly collection calendars. 

  • Your green lid bin is collected weekly. 
  • Your yellow lid recycling bin is collected fortnightly.
  • Your red lid rubbish bin is collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your yellow lid bin (for Minimiser or Standard service only).If you have an Excess service, your red lid bin (with a black body) is collected weekly.

Easy steps to find out your collection days

Step 1 - Identify whether your collection is week 1 or week 2

  1. Download the database for your area and find your street:
    -  Port Macquarie Collection Days861KB pdf(PDF, 861KB)
    -  Surrounding Areas Collection Days1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)
  2. Look at the far right columns for your collection day and whether you are Week 1 or 2.  
  3. Please note this in itself does not tell you which dates to put your red bin out. You then need to follow Step 2 and check the relevant calendar below.

Step 2 - Find out what dates to put your bins out

Download the calendar below for your particular week to find out when to put your yellow and red bins out. 

2021 Calendars

Rural waste pick-up

Please refer to rural waste pick-up web page.

Collection standards

  • Put the right materials in the right bin (see information on contamination control and penalties below)
  • Ensure bins do not weigh more than 75kg 
  • Lids must be closed
  • Bins need to be out by 6:00am on collection day
  • Remove bins from kerbside within 24 hours of collection
  • Place bins on the kerb facing the road and spaced at least 1 metre apart 
  • Do not put bins near trees or parked cars.

Contamination control

Contamination of domestic bins causes big problems and costs the community both environmentally and economically. The wrong materials can ruin the compost product, result in recyclables going to landfill, damage Council facilities and endanger staff. This is why Council takes contamination incidents seriously.

Collection vehicles are fitted with a closed-circuit TV camera which films the bin as it empties. The driver makes a note when contamination occurs and puts a sticker on the bin. The information is recorded against the address back at the office, a letter is sent to the resident. A 'three-strikes' system is employed - more than three incidents may result in a suspended service, and there is a fee to have your bin returned. Please ensure that you only place the correct materials in each bin, and call Council if you have any questions.

This page was last updated on: 10 April 2021