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A significant percentage of Port Macquarie-Hastings population ride motorcycles. The fatality and serious injury rates in our LGA are higher than the state average, which means we all need to play our role in making the roads safer for motorcycles.

Motorcycle riders are more exposed and risk serious injuries if they crash. Because of this exposure, protective equipment for riders is particularly important. 

Safety tips for low-risk riding:

  1. Leave a three second buffer
  2. Wear protective clothing
  3. Be alert: scan, anticipate and respond
  4. Manager your speed so that you can avoid a collision

Safety tips for drivers to better share the road:

  1. Scan the road and watch for motorcycles especially as you approach an intersection
  2. Check for riders in your blind spot and mirrors
  3. Check for bikes before getting out of a parked car
  4. Check for riders before pulling out from the kerb
  5. Give motorcycles plenty of space

Lane Filtering

Lane filtering is where a motorcycle rider moves alongside vehicles that have either stopped or are moving slowly (less than 30km/hr). This practice is now legal in NSW. Find out how lane filtering can be safe for all road users.

Ride to Live

You can test your reaction skills at Transport for NSW's virtual ride webpage. Here you are also able to plan your trips on some of the best riding roads in NSW!

This page was last updated on: 25 November 2019