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Supporting our residents

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Financial relief measures for our residents

We understand our community has been impacted significantly as a result of COVID-19. These impacts have been amplified having already been faced with the challenges of the long-term drought and devastating bushfire season.

In response to the impacts currently being faced, we've introduced a range of financial relief measures specifically to support residents in our community.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 15 April 2020, Councillors unanimously resolved to introduce the following financial relief measures, effective Thursday 16 April 2020:


Fee / charge relief measure Timeframe Conditions
  • Waive interest on rates and charges
Up to 6 months For applicants who enter into payment arrangement son outstanding accounts
  • Waive direct debit dishonour fees
Up to 6 months N/a
  • Waive credit card surcharge fees 
Up to 6 months  N/a 
  • Ticketholders to Glasshouse events  to receive a credit, transfer or refund
Up to 6 months 

Where the event has been cancelled or rescheduled by the event organiser / event provider

  • Waive impound and maintenance fees (in relation to animals) 
Up to 6 months  Registration requirements, including registration fees, will still be required before release if an animal is not already registered. Customers will need to sign a financial hardship form to be eligible. 
  • Waive ferry fees for delivery of food and other items to the North Shore

Already commenced 

Up to 6 months

  • Waive licence fees/application fees for activities on Council managed land 
Up to 6 months  Assessed on a case by case basis, where a government directive to restrict or cease operations has resulted in a period of inactivity or reduced activity 
  • Waive fees for applications for activities on public / community land under the Local Government Act (Section 68) and applications under the Roads Act 1993 (Section 138) 
Up to 6 months  Assessed on a case by case basis, where a government directive to restrict or cease operations has resulted in a period of inactivity or reduced activity.
  • Enable ratepayers to enter into formal payment arrangements to repay outstanding rates and charges, or defer rate payments

Assessed on a case by case basis, subject to similar criteria and documentation as per the current Hardship Assistance policy

  • Suspend formal debt recovery actions for outstanding accounts 
Up to 6 months  
  • Introduce a payment plan for connection to Telegraph Point Sewerage Scheme 
Up to 12 months from date of invoice  For applicants who are approved to enter into a payment arrangement in line with provisions for connection to the Telegraph Point Sewerage Scheme payments 

Supporting you in a time of hardship

We understand there may be many people in our community who are experiencing financial hardship during this time.

Our Hardship Policy is in place to assist and you may be eligible to apply for assistance during such difficult times. So if you have any concerns about paying your Council rates or other fees and charges please get in contact with us. This way we can work with you on a plan.

Please contact our Customer Call Centre on 02 6581 8111 or email us at council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au.

We have also expanded our Hardship Policy to include provisions for non-residential property owners.


Mental health and wellbeing support services

Look after your mental health and general wellbeing. Support is out there, and you can access this 24/7:

This page was last updated on: 13 July 2020