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Support Local PMH

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It's been a challenging year for our community, especially for our small local businesses. When we support locals, our community thrives - socially, culturally and economically.

And, when locals support locals... our whole community benefits.

  • Generates businesses for local suppliers
  • Creates jobs for locals
  • Supports local community groups and associations
  • Invests in education and infrastructure
  • Reduces our environmental footprint
  • Reinvests money in our local economy

We can all do our bit to get behind local businesses and 'Support Local'. 

How can you support local?

Icon - Food Delivery

Local retail shops, service providers and food businesses

Support our local cafes, restaurants, retail shops and businesses - follow them on Facebook, visit their websites, drop in to their store or office location, or give them a call to order their products or services for pick up, or delivery to your home or business. 

Icon - Online Shopping

Online shopping and online services

Many businesses have changed the way they do business, and now offer their services online and in person. Buy from them, participate in their online programs, join their online communities and get involved.
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Camden Haven Gift Cards

Purchase a Camden Haven Gift Card that can be used across participating businesses across the Camden Haven, making sure money is being spent and circulated locally. Find out how to participate on the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce website.

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Help our local Port Macquarie-Hastings (PMH) businesses grow their 'community' - tell your family and friends, share it on social media - follow their page, like their posts, review their products or services, share their stories, and use the hashtag #SupportLocalPMH

Locals supporting locals

Andy from Council has been visiting local businesses helping to share their story and invite people to #SupportLocalPMH

Every little bit helps. Together we can make a difference.


This page was last updated on: 28 October 2020