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Servicing your On-site Sewage Management System

All on-site sewage management systems require regular maintenance and care, however, some systems such as aerated treatment systems (AWTS) and some biological filtration systems require specialised servicing to work properly. NSW law requires that those systems receive regular maintenance.

Authorised Service agents who are properly qualified and suitably experienced attend to the mechanical functions of the treatment and disposal system and ensure components are properly maintained and serviced. Without proper servicing, system components can breakdown resulting in system failure which can be expensive to fix.

If you have one of these systems that require servicing, you are responsible to make sure that it is serviced every quarter (for AWTS), or as specified by the NSW Ministry of Health’s approval (for biological filter systems). You are also to ensure that a copy of the service report is sent to council. For details on the NSW Health approval for your system and any required service frequencies, please refer to the NSW Health website or your system manual.

Council maintains a list of Recognised AWTS Service Agents in our area.

If you are a service agent and wish to be included on the list, please refer to the STAG regional guidelines and complete the application form. The completed form can be sent to one of our Environmental Health Officers at council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au

To assist with general maintenance of systems (not servicing), please refer to the septic safe guide and pamphlets. 


What is an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)

An AWTS is purpose built system used for the treatment of sewage and liquid wastes from a single household or multiple dwellings. It consists of a series of treatment chambers combined with an irrigation system. An AWTS enables people living in unsewered areas to treat and utilise the wastewater.

These systems need servicing every 3 months to ensure the system is treating effluent effectively. Only a Council recognised service agent may be used or a representative of the system manufacturer. Read more about Aerated Wastewater Treatment systems in the fact sheet below.  

This page was last updated on: 17 September 2020