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External consultant reports to accompany your OSM approval

A Consultant Waste Water Report is required for all applications to install, and also for the alteration of systems in high and medium risk areas. This is to ensure:

  • the system is designed to suit its environment
  • the system will operate efficiently and last longer
  • the system will meet State guidelines.

Consultant Waste Water Report

The information contained in this report must meet the requirements of Council’s Code 17 On-Site Sewage Management for Domestic Premises, Australian Standard 1547:2012 (refer to link below) and must address the following points:

  • An estimation of expected daily flow and the basis for this calculation, 
  • Soil Permeability and Site Assessment Data,
  • Number, location and data for all test pits,
  • Identified Site & Soil limitations including any recommendations regarding enhancement techniques to vary unsatisfactory soil conditions,
  • Identification of seeps, weeps and inherently wet areas on the site, where surface and/or subsurface disposal of effluent is not applicable,
  • A list of the types of on-site sewage management systems that the Report deems as appropriate for the site, 
  • A statement of options that have been deemed on the basis of the findings of the Report as not appropriate for the site,     
  • Effluent disposal system recommendations including design bases and details,
  • Calculation tables for effluent disposal area design indicating the parameters used for climate data including quoting the reference source,
  • A plan of the site, showing boundaries and neighbouring dwellings or other sensitive receptors,
  • Plan giving the site's general location,
  • A plan showing the layout of the recommended disposal areas on the site including proposed lines, distributors, valves, storage requirements.

Details of the Effluent Disposal System

The site plan should show:

  • The outline of the boundaries of the site
  • The use of the adjoining property on each side (e.g. rural dwelling, road, reserve, etc)
  • The location of all buildings proposed to be constructed on the property including all proposed: pools, outdoor spas, recreational areas, paths, gardens and landscaping, and sheds.
  • Any rivers, creeks, drainage gullies, dams or environmentally sensitive areas

The plan of the effluent disposal area should show:

  • The size of the effluent disposal area is not to be less than that recommended by the Geotechnical report for the selected option, unless approved through prior discussions with Council.
  • When providing this information, refer to the required buffer setbacks.

Details of the system to be used:

  • Information on the type, make and model of the treatment system. Further information and a list of approved treatment systems can be found at NSW Health's website.
  • Information on type of surface sprays, their number and their location, or the details of sub-surface disposal methods including the manner of distribution to the sub-surface,
  • Details of distributing the effluent evenly to all parts of the disposal area,
  • Where raised garden beds are required, construction details of the beds, method of effluent disposal, including the number of distribution devices must be provided.

This page was last updated on: 30 October 2019