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Council inspections of your On-site Sewage Management System

Council has an inspection program for monitoring all on-site sewage management systems to ensure they meet adequate standards for the protection of public health, the environment and community living.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers will undertake inspections of existing systems throughout the year based on the risk rating of the sewage system or if a complaint or advice of a failing system is received. When conducting inspections our officers always wear Council ID and can provide Council ID when asked.

If you are not home when we call around we will leave a card to:

  • advise we have performed an inspection, or
  • to advise we could not access your system and request for you to arrange an inspection with us.

If you have restricted access to your sewage system, you may wish to contact one of our officers to arrange an inspection on 6581 8111 or email  council@pmhc.nsw.gov.au

After an inspection has been completed, we will mail the inspection report to you. In the event of finding a failing system, a notice will be issued advising the action required to repair or replace the system.   

Council's Environmental Health Officers can also provide advice and information on the upgrade of existing on-site systems or purchasing new systems.

This page was last updated on: 27 February 2020