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Parking Strategy and Policy for Port Macquarie-Hastings

Parking is an issue of significant interest for our local communities. Members of the public often raise concerns about parking supply, access to parking, traffic congestion and illegal parking.

The Parking Strategy

Council adopted a Parking Strategy in 2011. The objectives of this Strategy are to:
  • Provide an adequate supply of short and long term parking conveniently located and easily accessible to support the desired growth of the town centres.
  • Develop an integrated public and private parking network which is flexible to accommodate changes in parking demands over time and complements the environment, traffic and pedestrian flows.
  • Ensure that the provision of parking facilities does not diminish the urban character, cause a loss of building stock or result in a poor urban design.
  • Control and manage parking supply / demand balance through ownership of properties for the establishment of publicly available parking facilities.
  • Minimise the production of transport related greenhouse gas emissions by designing parking to encourage the use of alternate modes of transport.
The Strategy is subject to ongoing review and amendments to ensure it is aligned with Council, State and Regional initiatives for the planning and provision of parking facilities and services.


The Parking Policy

The Parking Policy, adopted in 2011, supports the Parking Strategy and is an overarching strategic document that sets out how parking should be managed in the Local Government Area over the short and to longer term. The Policy provides the framework for effective parking management, which supports the Council's strategic objectives and are important elements of sustainable development for:
  • Integrated land use and transport planning
  • Maintenance of environmental and amenity values
  • Social inclusion
  • Economic prosperity and regeneration

This page was last updated on: 05 October 2018