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Roads and bridge maintenance and repairs

Maintaining roads within our local government area is a core service for Council and is consistently identified as a high priority for our residents. Road maintenance includes:

  • Sealed road repairs (potholes, patching and resealing)
  • Grading of unsealed roads
  • Roadside vegetation maintenance (slashing, mowing, tree management and weed control)
  • Road drainage maintenance (kerb and gutter, shoulder grading, stormwater pipes and pits)
  • Bridge maintenance and repairs

Council prioritises work requests based on risk and public safety. Often customer requests for road maintenance activities cannot be done immediately. 

Large road maintenance projects are planned for and listed in Council’s Four (4) Year Delivery Program.

Residents can view updates on road conditions and Council’s weekly road maintenance schedule (including grading, roadside mowing and slashing works), on MyRoadInfo.

This page was last updated on: 17 June 2021