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Bridge maintenance program

Kindee Bridge
Kindee Bridge

We are responsible for managing a broad range of bridges throughout our region including:

  • 120 public road bridges - 64 timber bridges and 56 steel and concrete bridges,
  • 14 pedestrian bridges,
  • 9 flood mitigation channel bridges, as well as
  • several timber public wharfs.

About our Bridge Maintenance Program

Our Bridge Maintenance Program forms an integral part of our overall Bridge Management Strategy, ensuring this important community infrastructure remains safe and reliable to meet the level of service required by the community. It includes reactive maintenance, urgent repairs and proactive routine maintenance. 

Working in conjunction with our Bridge Maintenance Program is our Bridge Replacement Program which is focused on replacing, rehabilitating and upgrading high priority bridges throughout the region. 

In some cases, we also impose load limits on our roads and bridges to ensure the ongoing safety of road users.

Timber bridge maintenance

Maintenance activities of the current 64 timber bridges across the region range from minor repairs through to major works including timber redecking, abutment and pile/pier repair/replacement onto full structural rehabilitation/replacement.  Many of these bridges are approaching the end of their serviceable life and due to the lack of old growth timber are repaired/replaced with other materials including concrete, steel and composites.

Bridge Maintenance Program for 2021

We currently invest approximately $1 million each year to maintain our bridges. We also apply for State and Federal Government grants for major bridge upgrades.  Our Bridge Maintenance Program includes current work in progress and work we have planned for the next financial year.

Current work - September 2021

  • Costigans Road Bridge - pile damage propping and bridge repairs

Upcoming program to June 2022

  • Black Creek Bridge, Lorne - timber bridge repairs
  • Bril Bril Bridge, Rollands Plains - timber bridge rehabilitation and strengthening (pending Federal Government grant funding)
  • Donkins Flat Bridge, Wingham Road, Comboyne - replace timber bridge with concrete culvert (pending Federal Government grant funding)
  • Old School Road Bridge, Herons Creek - replace timber bridge with concrete culvert (pending Federal Government grant funding)
  • Crowe Roods Bridge, Bellangry - timber bridge repairs

Work we've completed to date - 2020-2021

  • General - since March 2021 Floods - significant volume of immediate bridge repairs to reinstate access and undertake routine maintenance.
  • Bulli Creek Bridge - Flood damaged. Major scour protection repair works.
  • Bunno Creek Bridge - Girder snipe bolting, kerb replacement, pile splicing, wingwall repairs.
  • Cowal Creek Bridge - Flood damaged. Temporary bridge installed.
  • Double Crossing Bridge - Flood damaged. Replaced damaged kerbs.
  • Flanagans Bridge, Pappinbarra Road - Bridge repairs.
  • Joes Bridge - Deck replacement.
  • Kindee Bridge - Structural repairs including node block bolting, handrail replacement and deck inspections and repairs.
  • Myhills Bridge - Flood damaged. Reinstated approaches.
  • Old School Bridge - Deck and striker repairs.
  • Pipe Clay Bridge - Timber deck replacement.
  • Steels Bridge - Abutment sheathing and sink hole repair.
  • Stoney Creek Bridge - Flood damaged. Temporary bridge installed.
  • Thone River Road Bridge - Timber repairs.
  • Tipperary Bridge, Tipperary Road - Full timber rebuild, bridge renewal, load restriction removed. 

Major concrete bridge projects 

In addition to the work completed in the current financial year on many of our timber bridges, we have also completed major upgrades, replacement and rehabilitation to many of our concrete bridges over the last 5 years with an investment of approximately $37 million, including:

  • Albert Street Bridge, Kendall
  • Bulli Creek Bridge, Comboyne Road
  • Dunbogan Bridge, Diamond Head Road
  • Hartys Creek Bridge, Comboyne Road
  • Hyndmans Creek Bridge, Comboyne Road
  • O'Neills Bridge, Batar Creek Road
  • Thompsons Bridge, Upper Rollands Plains Road
  • Scrubby Creek Bridge, Pappinbarra Road
  • Stingray Creek Bridge, Ocean Drive North Haven

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