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Pensioner rebates

To be deemed an eligible pensioner, ratepayers must meet the following criteria:

  • The rated property must be your sole or principal place of abode;
  • The pensioner must be the person or persons liable for the payment of rates in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act (section 560);
  • The ratepayer must be in receipt of the Pension Concession Card issued by either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the Department Of Veterans Affairs Gold TPI or EDA Card; and
  • War Widow with a Gold Card but without a Pension Concession Card are subject to a means test.

Please note: If you become an eligible pensioner after the rates are levied you may still be entitled to a partial concession.

If you become an eligible pensioner after the rates are issued in July, you will be  entitled to a concession commencing from the start of the next quarterly period.

  • 1st Quarter Rate Notice Issue Date to 30 September
  • 2nd Quarter 1 October to 31 December
  • 3rd Quarter 1 January to 31 March
  • 4th Quarter 1 April to 30 June

If you cease to qualify as an eligible pensioner you will not be entitled to receive a rebate after the end of the quarterly billing period in which you ceased to be eligible and rates will be charged back to your rate account for the period pertaining to your ineligibility.

Please ensure you bring your Pensioner Concession Card to Council Office when lodging your application.

This page was last updated on: 20 November 2017