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Waste water availability charge

If your property is connected to Council's Sewer Service an annual availability service charge will be levied for the provision of this service. The 2020-2021 wastewater annual charges are as follows:

Connected or available service: $905.60

Pressure sewer systems: $875.60

Properties that are not connected but have the service available:   $905.60

Non-rateable properties (Churches and Halls):  $581.20

Other non-rateable properties that are exempt under Section 555 of the LGA: $721.00

Non-rateable properties that are exempt under Section 556 of the Local Government Act:  $905.60

An additional sewer charge is levied on major regional shopping centres, caravan parks, flats, retirement homes, motels, clubs, hotels, schools and backpacker hostels at $1.35 per kilolitre. 


Properties that utilise an onsite sewer system for the treatment of waste are levied an annual management fee.  The 2020-2021 Onsite Sewage Management Fees are as follows:

Low Risk System:  $39.00

Medium Risk System:  $77.00

High Risk System: $110.00

Small Commercial: $220.00

Large Commercial: $274.00

This page was last updated on: 01 July 2020