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Deceased pets

Experiencing the loss of a pet is very sad. Seeing your beloved pet suffer or be put-down is one of the hardest decisions an owner could make.

If your cat or dog has died you must notify your local Council within 28 days (or 24 hours in the case of a restricted dog, dangerous or menacing dog) of its death. Notification may be by telephone or in writing by email or letter, to Council. In the case of a restricted or declared dangerous dog, Council requires you to provide documentary evidence from a veterinary practitioner that your dog has died.

Deceased pets and animals should not be placed in domestic bins. If your pet has passed away, you can choose to bury your pet at home in your backyard, contact a pet cremation service or you can take your pet/animal to the Cairncross Waste Facility.

Cairncross Waste Facility pet disposal fees: 

  • Small domestic (e.g. dog, cat) - $6       
  • Medium (sheep, goat, calf etc) - $37     
  • Large (cattle, horse) - $60     

Correct disposal of euthanised pets

If you choose to euthanise your pet, speak with your Veterinarian about proper disposal options. Some vets will dispose of your pet for you for a charge. Alternatively, you may like to consider a pet cremation or burial of your pet at home in your yard.

Please note for deceased wildlife, please call JR Richards on 1300 787 223. They will dispose of the animal properly.

This page was last updated on: 15 October 2018