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Barking dogs

Council receives approximately 300-400 complaints each year regarding barking dogs. As a first step Council encourages neighbours to resolve these types of issues between themselves.

The first step is to speak with the dog owner and advise of the complaint and provide information which may assist in better managing the behaviour of the dog in question. Many complaints are resolved through this approach, but if you're not satisfied with the owner's response, you can contact Council on (02) 6581 8111. The Call Centre staff will ask you a number of questions relating to the nature of the complaint, the address of the offending animal, a full description of the animal and your name and address. (Council may not act on anonymous complaints.)

The next step is for Council to follow a procedure which firstly seeks to resolve the matter through non-regulatory means. In the event of the procedure progressing further, regulatory mechanisms are introduced as per Section 21 (Nuisance dogs) of the Companion Animals Act, 1998. 

Financial penalties will apply where a dog owner fails to satisfactorily address the barking behaviour of their dog.

This page was last updated on: 15 October 2018