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Preliminary Herbicide Spraying Advice


In accordance with Councils Pesticide use notification plan, notice is hereby given that Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will be spraying selected roadsides in Councils road reserve for the control of herbaceous and grass weeds between May and July 2020. The programme is designed to reduce the spread of weeds along high risk pathways, to maintain road safety and to complement Councils road grading programme. Recycled water will be used for all operations. 

Council will be undertaking roadside spraying on sealed and unsealed roads throughout the LGA as required.

Herbicides proposed to be used

Registered name:           Clear Up Bio 510 ®
Active constituents:      510g/L Glyphosate

Registered name:           Grazon Extra ®
Active constituents:     300g/L Triclopyr,
                                             100g/L Picloram, 
                                             8g/L Aminopyralid    

All spraying activities will be undertaken by fully qualified staff and will only be conducted during suitable weather conditions. Any further enquiries, please contact Council on 6581 8111.

This page was last updated on: 06 May 2020