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Looking after our local rivers and estuaries

The Port Macquarie -Hastings Council Local Government Area has 3 main catchments, Wilson/Maria, Hastings and Camden Haven River systems.

These waterways are monitored under the Ecohealth programme, a partnership with State Government Agencies, University of New England, University of NSW.  Each section of waterway is given an overall health rating which can be view on the at the following Ecohealth documents. 

 Hastings / Camden Haven Ecohealth Report 20176MB pdf(PDF, 6MB)

 Estuary Benthic Habitat and Health Assessment6MB pdf(PDF, 6MB)

Council undertakes riparian vine weed control works through all major waterways as a means of reducing the impact of these invasive weeds on the ecology of our local waterways. Council also assist rural landholders with river protection works in partnership with Landcare.

The main estuaries are located in the Port Macquarie -Hastings Council Local Government Area, namely Hastings, Camden Haven and Lake Innes /  Cathie. These estuaries are managed under Estuary Management Plans 

 Camden Haven Estuary Management Plan with figs4MB pdf(PDF, 4MB)

 Hastings Estuary Management Plan23MB pdf(PDF, 23MB)

 Lake Cathie Lake Innes Estuary Management Plan20MB pdf(PDF, 20MB)

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