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Background Studies and Assessments

Over the years, the estuary has been the subject of numerous environmental investigations that deal with estuarine and catchment processes such as increased sediment and nutrient loads, sediment transport and tidal flushing, increased tidal constriction and bed scour, as well as decreased tidal propagation, sedimentation and shoaling.

PMHC has completed an extensive number of plans and studies in relation to coastal management. This includes two CZMPs, one of which has been gazetted, EMPs, coastal hazard mapping, vegetation mapping, sea-level rise and floodplain risk management plans to name a few. Whilst EMP’s are now considered dated, the background studies behind these plans are still relevant and contain valuable information on estuary processes and issues confronting our lake system.

Working with the community is an essential component of being a local government. Balancing between what the community wants and values with what is the most appropriate and affordable management options can be challenging. However, maintaining this balance is a vital factor in achieving the most desirable outcome. PMHC will continue to strive to maintain this balance.

This list demonstrates some of the extensive work undertaken on studying the Lake:

Estuary Management:

Coastline Management:

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