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Latest news for Lake Cathie

Government Stakeholders meet

At a government stakeholder meeting on Monday 29 July 2019, state and local government agencies, and representatives responsible for the management of the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes estuarine system came together to collaboratively determine the immediate and ongoing actions required to protect the future of the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes estuarine system.

Current conditions of the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes estuarine system

It was acknowledged by all stakeholders that the estuarine system is extremely complex and that any response to the significant environmental stressors currently witnessed, and to the community’s concerns would require all agencies to act jointly in their responsibilities. 

It was further acknowledged that the estuarine system needs to be considered as a whole, and while the legislation (the Coastal Management Act) now allows this to occur in the long-term (through the Coastal Management Program process), some timely management responses need to be initiated in the short term. 

Further information now available

The government stakeholder meeting discussed the results of a new study commissioned by Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The Lake Cathie and Lake Innes Acid Sulfate and Soil Risk Assessment, raised concern about the current condition of Lake Innes and Lake Cathie.   The study, is now available online with recommendations to focus on the rehabilitation measures needed to achieve optimal environmental, social and economic values for the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes Estuarine System.

All present acknowledged the issues affecting the lake Cathie /Lake Innes estuarine system and the urgency for action.   It was further agreed that community consultation is pivotal and that Aboriginal cultural & heritage considerations and other stakeholder concerns must be addressed. 

Community information meeting - About Lake Catie/Lake Innes

Council  will host a Community Information Meeting in the coming weeks, facilitated by a panel of representatives from all major stakeholders along with scientific experts who will be able to answer questions from the community and bring some clarity to these extremely complex issues.


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