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Lake Cathie laboratory water testing results

Council undertakes water quality monitoring at Lake Cathie to ensure that the system is healthy and is acceptable for recreational purposes (i.e. swimming, fishing).

Typically Council undertakes water quality monitoring on a monthly basis and uses the Ocean Drive bridge as the primary sampling location.

In order to be well informed on the current water conditions within the lake system and to continue to understand how the lake system is performing, Council is currently undertaking weekly monitoring at a number of locations within the system including Lake Innes.

The water quality monitoring is undertaken by Council’s Environmental Laboratory with the results being analysed against relevant water quality guidelines for recreational water bodies. The monitoring is being undertaken using both field and laboratory analysis for greater detail.

Council is currently monitoring general water quality drivers (i.e. temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and the like) and algal levels.

Water quality monitoring will continue to be undertaken on a weekly basis into the foreseeable future.


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This page was last updated on: 29 July 2019