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Lake Cathie / Lake Innes Estuary Hydrodynamic Model

Over the years, the Estuary has been the subject of numerous environmental investigations that deal with estuarine and catchment processes such as increased sediment and nutrient loads, sediment transport and tidal flushing, increased tidal constriction and bed scour, as well as decreased tidal propagation, sedimentation and shoaling. In August 2005, Port Macquarie Hastings Council resolved to undertake a detailed modelling study to investigate the benefit of potential management options or improvement works identified for the Estuary.

The  2011 Hydrodynamic model development investigation report26MB pdf(PDF, 26MB) documents the development of a coastal hydrodynamic computer model for the Estuary. Computer modelling was undertaken for the purpose of investigating and assessing existing environmental conditions and to provide further insight of the impacts of potential management options, including changes to the current opening strategy.

The model was used as a tool to investigate and review the current entrance opening strategy and assist with demonstrating justification for any changes to the management approach in the future.

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