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Acid sulphate testing for Lake Cathie

A new study investigating Acid Sulphate Soils around the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes Estuary System has just been finalised (July 2019).  The  Lake Cathie and Lake Innes Acid Sulfate and Soil Risk Assessment7MB pdf(PDF, 7MB), commissioned by Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (May 2019), shows that the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes estuarine system is in imminent risk of acidification if the drought continues and further confirmed that opening the lake entrance, during times of drought in particular, causes stress to the entire ecosystem and could cause more acid to be released.  The study proposes both short and long term recommendations, however it should be noted that these are one part of understanding the complexity that is the Lake Cathie/Lake Innes Estuarine System.

The new information highlighted within the Acid Sulphate Soils study was discussed at a Government Stakeholder meeting on 29 July 2019 and the following conclusions were reached:

  • The new Acid Sulphate Study results demonstrate some harmful environmental impacts on the Lake Cathie /Lake Innes Estuarine System are imminent with continuing drought or with only light rainfall events. The new information and results need to be released to all stakeholders and community
  • Lake Innes is the agreed highest priority issue with Lake Cathie, the lower lagoon/entrance and Kenwood Drive bridge issues also needing to be addressed
  • The Government stakeholders need to agree on objectives for the entire estuarine system and then determine a management response. This needs to occur as soon as possible. Short, medium and long term actions need to be formulated and discussed with the community and other important stakeholders.
  • The PMHC Opening Strategy should be reviewed as soon as possible.

A further Government Stakeholder meeting occurred on Monday 19 August 2019. Council plans to meet with Revive Lake Cathie, the Lake Cathie Progress Association and the Business Chamber on 4 September 2019 to discuss the Acid Sulphate Soils Study results and future actions.


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