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Illaroo Road Revetment Wall

Based on coastal hazard studies along Illaroo Road between 2008 - 2012, it was confirmed that the coastline at Lake Cathie was retreating. 

We have been working to find a solution to potential coastal erosion issues in Lake Cathie for a number of years. Consequently, in 2012-13 Council considered a number of potential management solutions including the revetment wall. Ultimately, at the November 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to proceed with a concept design for a rock revetment wall with beach nourishment.

This preferred solution was then presented to the NSW Government, who requested a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) be prepared to analyse the viability of the project and a Funding Model to outline the distribution of costs to direct and indirect beneficiaries.  These reports were shared with the community in February 2021.

What We Heard

The community’s feedback regarding the Cost Benefit Analysis and Funding Model Reports was that the findings are unacceptable to the community. We also heard that while a revetment wall may address coastal erosion, the revetment wall design and the process may be in conflict with community values.

In order to move this project forward, we want to work with the community to find an acceptable solution. 

Our plan is to adopt a co-designed community driven decision.

Community Values Come First

In order to create this community driven solution, we need to understand the community’s values. This is an important step in co-design. We are asking the Lake Cathie community to consider what we value about their place and what is important to the community. We will then explore what solutions will best fit our community through the lens of community values and appropriate professional expertise.

We are encouraging the Lake Cathie community to complete an online survey for you to complete. The survey is open to all community members to complete.

We have a timeline in place as a commitment to the community and this project.


  • June 2021: Building an understanding of community values in the coastal management space.
  • ON HOLD - August-September: Process hold point due to Council elections and ‘caretaker mode’. All Councils are required be in “caretaker” mode during the 4 weeks prior to a Council election to ensure that major decisions are not made which would limit the actions of an incoming Council.
  • November 2021: Council Meeting Report on community’s values and the coastal erosion options.
  • February 2022: Community workshop to assess coastal management options in consideration of our shared community values, issues and constraints.
  • April 2022: Report to Council Meeting with co-designed option/s for adoption.
  • July 2022: Commence implementation (funding, approvals, on-ground outcome)



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