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Wrights Creek Catchment

Wrights Creek and Yarranabee Creek are together known as the Wrights Creek catchment and are streams that only flow when it rains. The catchment covers a large proportion of Port Macquarie’s urban area and connects south into Kooloonbung Creek. 

Wrights Creek Flood Study

The  Wrights Creek Flood Study (2019)4MB pdf(PDF, 4MB) was prepared to define flood behaviour and quantify flood characteristics along Wrights and Yarranabee Creeks. This information is used to assist development assessment and to provide baseline flood data that can be relied upon for any future proposals to develop a Floodplain Risk Management Plan for Wrights Creek.

This study was undertaken as part of Council's obligation to implement the NSW State Government’s Floodplain Management Program and improves our knowledge of flood behaviour within the catchment. The study will also be used to formulate future floodplain risk management planning. Updating Council’s flood data will ensure that the floodplain management program is effectively implemented and that the safety and resilience of the community in times of natural disaster is paramount.

The study provides information on floodwater flows, depths, extents, levels and velocities for a range of different floods. The updated Study will be used by Council to define flood risk and identify and assess potential management options to mitigate these risks.

View 1:100 year flood animations

The Wrights Creek Flood Study documents flood behaviour along Wrights Creek and its tributaries for a range of historic and design floods. The report also documents the outcomes of extensive data collection and lists peak discharges, flood levels, flood extents, flood depths and flow velocities for a range of design floods. It also provides provisional estimates of the flood hazard and hydraulic categories across the floodplain of Wrights Creek.

Due to the lack of a significant flood warning time and several properties being exposed to a high provisional flood hazard, Council is aiming to prepare a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for the Wrights Creek Catchment. It is anticipated that the Flood Risk Management Study will be undertaken within coming years, subject to funding and resource availability.

Flash flooding of wrights creek catchment

Flooding of the Wrights Creek catchment has occurred on a number of occasions over the last 50 years. The most notable floods occurred in 1962, 1963, 1975, 1995 and 2002.

Flooding occurs as a result of relatively short duration thunderstorms during late summer and early autumn. In these events, many of the roads within the catchment are inundated and become impassable for several hours. In addition, several low lying properties have been subject to inundation resulting in significant damage.

Wrights Creek floodplain map


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