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Hibbard Precinct Flood Study


Council  engaged engineering consultants Advisian to undertake a detailed flood study update for the Hibbard Precinct.

The primary goal of the  Hibbard Precinct Flood Study54MB pdf(PDF, 54MB) is to define the extent of the floodway at a local scale. The flood study will be used in the future to undertake a detailed investigation to assess options for maintaining the floodway and for mitigating impacts associated with its adoption on affected landowners.

The Hibbard Precinct is located 2 km downstream of the confluence of the Hastings and Maria Rivers. The upstream catchment has an area of 3600 km2 and is prone to flooding.

During large floods, floodwaters will overtop the banks of the Hastings River leading to inundation of residential and commercial properties. The last major flood occurred in March 1978 and led to widespread damage. Properties along Hastings River Drive, Tuffins Lane, Boundary Street and Hibbard Drive are some of those within the Hibbard Precinct at risk. These roads are also at risk of overtopping leading to difficulties in evacuating the community to flood free land to the east. The 2013 flood whilst causing damage and inconvenience was considered to be a minor event.

Currently adopted Hydraulic Category Mapping (as defined by the Hastings River Floodplain Risk Management Study 2012)(External link)

Floodway analysis results based on refined flood model.(External link)

Proposed Hydraulic Category Mapping to be adopted (as defined by the Hibbard Precinct Flood Study 2019)(External link)

* Click on image above to open enlarged version in a new tab or window.

The existing flood hydraulic model (last modified for the Hastings River Flood Study Update 2018) has been further refined to incorporate additional topographic detail and physical features across the Hibbard Precinct. The upgraded flood model has confirmed the importance of the floodway and will be used to assess options for maintaining the flood function of this area of the floodplain when the stage 2 (options) assessment commences in the future.

The flood study was drafted by an industry leading flood consultant and has been completed with input from the public, state government technical specialists and Council staff. The draft flood study has been endorsed by Council’s Coast, Estuary & Floodplain Advisory sub-committee as well as Council at the July 2019 Council meeting. This endorsement is a reflection that the study has been completed to a high standard.


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